Visual Analytics: Transforming the quality of decision-making


Organizations have unparalleled quantities of data and they want much more from their analytics solution to drive informed decision making or meet reporting requirements. Businesses need answers to business questions quickly and easily. They need new perspectives and insights to meet their agile business needs. They want to share and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

In this context, business intelligence (BI) capabilities are fundamental to successfully running and growing a business. Extending BI solutions with flexible, interactive visualizations sharpen your understanding of the past and the present with a futuristic view to alter decisions. Umbrella Infocare can help you build self-service business intelligence capabilities with visual data discovery solutions based on the market-leading Qlik Business Discovery solutions.

The Qlik Business Discovery platform helps business users gain the following benefits:

  • Single view of data drawn from multiple sources
  • Real-time visibility of data rather than relying on historical facts
  • Data visualization supported by powerful dashboards and graphics
  • Simplified search across data with macro details
  • Easy access, analysis, and data capture from devices
Umbrella Infocare (UIC) offers you the benefits of visual analytics without the complexity. Our BI services are compelling because:

  • We bring an effective and simplified way to deploy Qlik self-service analytics and the swiftest way to empower customers with relevant information.
  • Our team of BI specialists has deep analytics skills and the latest business intelligence techniques to create powerful visual analytics.
  • We leverage our extensive knowledge, insight, clearness, restraint and objectivity to enable you to make informed decisions.
  • We provide BI solutions that address all aspects of business operations and help clients meet their business objectives.

Discover how UIC can help you transform your business with BI.

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