Wishing a very Happy and Pollution Free Diwali

Kajal Hisaria | 16 Oct 2017 | Newsletter

Once again, the festival of light is upon us.

Diwali is the festival of new beginnings and new journeys. But most of all, Diwali is the festival for cleanliness!
We clean our homes getting rid of old things and creating space for the new. We invite Goddess Lakshmi to bless us with peace and prosperity.
We decorate our homes to greet friends and relatives and exchange gifts. It is a time for joy, festivity, well-being and reaching out.

It is a time to play and unwind.

After the festivities are over, we resume work with gusto and renewed vigor. The spirit of Diwali permeates our lives, extending into our place of work.
We pause, take stock of our direction and re-orient ourselves. Diwali teaches us to discard things that are no longer relevant to us—thoughts, ideas, ways of doing things! It is a time to review unnecessary systems, processes, teams, alliances and rebuild efficient systems.
This Diwali as we emerge rejuvenated, brimming with positivity and enthusiasm, I wish friends, colleagues, business associates and partners the very best to reach goals better, faster, and seeped with joy and satisfaction.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Diwali!


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