How DevSecOps Safeguards Your AWS Cloud Better?

How DevSecOps Safeguards Your AWS Cloud Better?

We are familiar with yet another buzzword in the IT sector- DevOps and its popular approach that placed cyber security on the qui vive by embedding the right tools into the software development life cycle. In the world of infrastructure-as-a-service, the cloud computing market in 2021 has ballooned to $250.04 billion. When it comes to canvassing the benefits of cloud security, the list is extensive. The top-level cloud computing security solutions provide businesses with advanced cybersecurity services and the availability and reliability to conduct their business in a global marketplace. It is an essential ingredient that grants multiple levels of control in network infrastructure, thus protecting the data. The most significant benefit of the cyber-security solution is that it safeguards the resources stored online from leakage, theft, or cloud data loss.

Why DevSecOps For AWS Cloud?

When it comes to AWS DevSecOps, Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows businesses to look out for security threats and vulnerabilities by bestowing them with the opportunity to integrate security tools that ensure application security and compliance. With AWS-enabled DevSecOps services, it has become easier for companies to arrest the vulnerabilities and risks to the software or application as soon as they encounter them. To adapt DevSecOps with AWS offerings, it is of utmost importance for you to implement it righteously. The key to the quick delivery and implementation, and overall success of the software, is the identification of risks at the initial stages of SDLC

Let us take a glance at the “Why’s” of securing AWS cloud with DevSecOps:

Testing: Key to A Successful Application

AWS has a broad spectrum with both in-house and third-party apps offering continuous testing for DevSecOps and open source scanning tools integrated with the pipeline for various purposes. With easy integration of testing tools, you can choose the best software development tools for your applications. Additionally, you can take advantage of security-finding aggregation services with the support of AWS. Finally, the employees win continuous testing services from AWS that keep the processes moving linearly across a pipeline.

Some of the prominent, continuous testing tools that you can integrate to meet your specific requirements are – Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) dependency check, SonarQube (SAST), PHPStan, and OWASP Zap.

Round-the-clock SDLCs Deliveries 

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous development (CD) allow you to automate your software delivery processes. Leveraging an automated CI/CD pipeline for faster delivery opens doors for building security directly into the DevSecOps process. It further enables businesses to enjoy a quicker, secure delivery pipeline with negligible attacks and application downtime. The amalgamation of AWS with DevSecOps works with shared responsibility for secure code delivery. AWS for CI/CD offers services called CodePipeline that depict the exact meaning as its name- a pipeline for code. It not only builds and tests the code but also publishes it according to the instructions. CI/CD by AWS steps up the game by accelerating the development and deployment of the software.

For CI/CD, the following best AWS services can be used- AWS CodeBuild, AWS Code Commit, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeLamba, and many more.

Top-Notch Monitoring Services 

Monitoring is a crucial element for maintaining the reliability, availability, and performance of all AWS solutions. Amazon CloudWatch by AWS is the perfect DevSecOps-specific version for logging and monitoring services. CloudWatch works like a dream for the entire premise of DevSecOps – security and monitoring. It monitors the AWS resources and the applications that run on it in real-time. Additionally, it provides data and metrics for applications and infrastructure systems. Companies can create customized dashboards, set notification alarms, or take actions when a specified metric reaches a threshold. Moreover, AWS DevSecOps monitoring offers the edge in multiple monitoring systems rather than individual ones that are siloed.

Two widely used AWS monitoring and logging services are AWS CloudWatch Logs and AWS CloudWatch Events.

Best-in-Class Auditing Services

The audit indicates the removal of undesirable users, roles, groups, policies and grants your users and software only the required permissions. AWS offers audit and governance services to provide DevSecOps with the opportunity to log, monitor, and access data across the AWS infrastructure. Companies can vanguard their overall user activity and monitoring with a simple governance tool at their fingertips. Further, automation of the auditing process ensures human error-free and completely secure recording and storage of data logs.

Best-in-class auditing and governance services include AWS CloudTrail, AWS Identity, Access Management, and AWS Config

Leg-up with Software Operation Services

System Manager by AWS gives the Ops part of DevSecOps a boost by granting the operation teams the power to streamline operational procedures. It brings them under the same roof for a cohesive environment to enhance security and management.

System Manager designed for DevSecOps teams has made managing applications and bridging AWS cloud with legacy applications a child’s play. With the support of the System Manager, the team can plug into CI/CD processes, manage security risks, and integrate valuable infrastructure resources.

Following are the AWS software operations services- AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

What Are The Benefits Of DevSecOps?

When it comes to DevSecOps, speed and security are the two prime keywords that give it an edge. So let’s dig deeper into the benefits of embracing the future of DevOps!

Speedy and Economical Software Delivery 

Fixing errors and security issues can be tedious and exorbitant. When software develops in a DevSecOps environment, its rapid and secure delivery saves time and reduces costs by omitting the need to repeat a process for addressing security issues. Better source management translates to cost-efficiency. Since integrated security cuts out duplicate reviews and unnecessary builds, the entire project results in more secure code.

Proactive Security For A Better Consumer Trust 

Proactive security translates into better consumer trust. The intervention of Cybersecurity by DevSecOps starts from the initial stage of the development lifecycle, and throughout the process, the code is reviewed, scanned, audited, and scanned for security issues. As soon as these issues get identified, they are addressed and fixed before additional dependencies are born.

Automation with Modern Development

For organizations that use continuous integration or continuous delivery pipeline to transport their software, operation teams can integrate cybersecurity into an automated test suite. Automated testing ensures whether incorporated software dependencies are at befitting levels. Plus, it confirms that software passes security unit testing. However, it can test and secure code with static and dynamic analysis, and its automation depends on the project and organizational goals.

Adaptive and Scalable Process 

Adaptability translates to scalability for organizations! Automation containers are adaptable to the changing, developing environment. DevSecOps lends itself to a repeatable and adaptable process. As the environment changes and adapts to the new requirements, it ensures that security is applied consistently. The entire cycle can be made scalable without compromising on efficiency with the righteous implementation of DevSecOps.

Embracing The Future Of DevOps 

The world is shifting to digital with a need to adopt secure cloud infrastructure. Organizations are embracing DevOps as the choicest means for project development. Thanks to the end-to-end security implementation that has led numerous organizations to adopt DevSecOps. The automation added to the process is a time-saver with better security, which makes DevSecOps the king with no barriers.