CloudHealth for billing analysis and resource optimization

Kajal Hisaria | 24 May 2018 | Cloud Optimization

The primary objective of our relationship as managed service partner is to optimize deployments for cost-effectiveness and high performance. For this we leverage CloudHealth, a management and optimization platform to monitor resource utilization, provide suggestions for rightsizing and enable security and governance compliance.

A major advantage of CloudHealth is granular billing which provides more clarity with resource utilization and billing. Cloud administrators will be able to assess which business is consuming how much resources, the frequency, load and peak utilization and plan better.

Umbrella is providing CloudHealth free of cost to customers whose AWS billing is linked through us.

However customers not billing through Umbrella can buy CloudHealth directly which comes at a cost of 2% of the monthly billing.

Please read our blog to know more about the advantages of purchasing AWS products and services from a value-added reseller.

We look forward to serving you better.


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