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Assessment of IT Estate is Crucial for Cloud Migration Success

Nishant Sharma | 20 Feb 2020 | Cloud Migration, Newsletter

Migrating to the Cloud is fraught with complexities and it must be carefully planned taking into consideration existing infrastructure environment, complexities and whether those workloads are architected to run the same way in the Cloud. It is important to understand estimated cost of migration, ROI of running those workloads in the Cloud, and more importantly correctly making cost calculations with informed inputs.
By assessing the IT assets of an organization, it is possible to understand risks which will influence the design and methodology of the migration plan. If the readiness assessment is overlooked, migration can become more complex than anticipated.
Umbrella Infocare offers automated assessment of the IT environment to help understand complexities and get the true cost of migrating workloads to AWS Cloud based on current utilization of workloads.
Our assessment report provides answers to following questions:

What Assessment Entails

A successful migration strategy begins with an assessment of the IT estate to get insights into things such as
Portfolio Discovery: Identify all the applications running in the customer premise and SaaS mode; which ones are proprietary and which are custom developed.
IT infrastructure: Take account of number of servers; which server is hosting what; which ones are secure and which ones have access to public gateways.
Application architecture: Whether applications are tightly coupled, which will prevent the application to take advantage of scalability in the Cloud.
Application dependencies: Dependencies such as payment gateways, SMTP servers, web services, external storage, and third-party vendors. Especially crucial in old applications which may be poorly documented and developers familiar with functional details may no longer be available. The task becomes more complicated when migrating hundreds of applications.
Integration complexities: Identify integration points and solve them as it may result in unexpected connectivity/authentication challenges and denial of service when moved to the Cloud.
Host Operating System: What is currently being used; what is available in the Cloud and which is the best option. Take stock of licensing and version issues.
Database: Which database are currently used; what options are available; tools available to move data securely to the Cloud. Also help understand whether the data is sensitive and has compliance requirements.

Umbrella Assessment Service with Cloud Chomp Analyzer

Umbrella’s technical experts leverage Cloud Chomp, an agentless tool which is installed in a few minutes and gives an initial TCO report within 24 hours. The free pre-migration assessment service provides insights into rightsizing deployments in AWS Cloud—a huge cost reduction—as Cloud eliminates the need to overprovision infrastructure.
The report provides optimized AWS price scenarios and minimizes the company’s future TCO. The biggest advantage of our assessment is that it provides an accurate estimate. Often customers try to compare costs manually which is complex and time-consuming. Cloud Chomp Analyzer automates the capture, consolidation and analysis of infrastructure utilization with detailed monitoring of IT asset utilization and converts technical usage statistics into actual costs.
Further, the tool provides expert recommendations for AWS architecture and resources based on analysis of the environment and gives estimated compute cost savings before, after and during migration.
Built and optimized for Amazon Web Services, Cloud Chomp has analyzed more than 400 billion data points and enabled more than $206 million annual savings when moving to AWS Cloud.
If you are considering moving workload to AWS Cloud, schedule an appointment with our AWS Cloud experts and ask for a free assessment of your IT assets. Write to us at or call us at 9873892249.


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