Cloud-Native App Dev is cost-effective, scalable and fast

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Cloud as a platform to develop applications offers unique advantages. This includes a secure environment which is quick and easily available. You do not waste time in setting up an infrastructure or invest in buying [...]

Have you taken advantage of AWS Well-architecture Framework ?

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Let’s begin by asking, is your AWS deployment well-architected? Do you think your AWS infrastructure is delivering on your business goals? Each customer will likely have different goals—operational excellence, reliability, security, optimum cost, high performance—depending [...]

Umbrella Team Retreat – Bonding & Rejuvenating

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Umbrella team is a small closely-knit group of people who know each other by name and often spend time together. The team recently went to Manesar, away from the madding crowd to spend the weekend, [...]

Umbrella Enhances Performance of Ecom Website

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The Client Amikinee is one of the fast-growing ecommerce portals in Bangladesh, providing a range of electronics, consumer durables and home furnishings for retail consumers. The Challenge Website performance was unsatisfactory—page loading slow and website [...]

Tag AWS Resources for Stupendous Benefits

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Tagging is a simple way to manage AWS resources and achieve higher operational efficiency, transparency, security and cost savings. A seemingly innocuous practice based on logic and common sense, tagging helps in organizing AWS resources. [...]

NextGen MSPs Facilitate Exponential Business Growth

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As cloud adoption gains momentum, the conversation amongst stakeholders has moved from cost-savings to extracting the next level of advantage. Next Generation Managed Service Providers (NextGen MSPs) are helping customers to achieve business agility, innovate [...]