Digital is spurring unprecedented data at high velocity from variety of sources, overwhelming business. Cloud presents unique opportunities to harness data like never before—allowing businesses the flexibility to provision infrastructure and scale up and down automatically.

Businesses can store, analyze historical and real-time data at a fraction of traditional cost. Analyzing data is providing competitive advantage with insights into customer behaviour, ability to identify new market opportunities, detect and prevent frauds, anticipate customer need, innovate better products and services, and become more customer-centric organization.

Our team helps you take advantage of scale and manage petabytes of data easily without worrying about cost and complexity. We help you develop big data frameworks and analytics applications while relieving your data scientists and developers to focus on finding answers your business seeks.

Big Data & Analytics Services

Data Lake

  • Unified view of data
  • Eliminate challenges of data silos
  • Store structured & unstructured data
  • Make unlimited ad hoc queries

Log & Click Stream Analysis

  • Enhance digital presence
  • Better ROI for marketing spends
  • Actionable insights to tweak campaigns
  • Enhance customer experience/support

Data Warehousing

  • Reliable data from multiple sources
  • Easy access to transformed data
  • Standardized data for business
  • Get access to historical data

Recommendation Engines

  • Customer delight & satisfaction
  • Higher conversion with personalization
  • Insights-based campaigns
  • Deep engagement by helping discover

Predictive Analytics

  • Confidence in decision making
  • Speed & agility in decision making
  • Personalize customer experience
  • Competitive advantage with insights

Data Visualization

  • Quick comprehension & fast action
  • Connect dots for better insights
  • Co-relations for comprehensive understanding
  • Identify opportunities & market sentiments

Umbrella Big Data Analytics Framework

Our Toolkit for Big Data & Analytics

Elastic Search
Power BI

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