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Unleash Innovation with Data Power

“Umbrella designed and implemented a comprehensive data strategy with Data Lake and warehousing solution. The consolidated view of data and analytics enables to map demand and better plan manufacturing, inventory management, distribution and marketing activities.”

Rahul Shukla
General Manager

Digital is spurring unprecedented data at high velocity from variety of sources, overwhelming businesses. Cloud presents unique opportunities to harness data like never before—allowing the flexibility to provision infrastructure and scale up and down automatically.

Businesses can store, analyze historical and real-time data at a fraction of traditional cost. Analyzing data is providing competitive advantage with insights into customer behaviour, ability to identify new market opportunities, detect and prevent frauds, anticipate customer need, innovate better products and services, and become more customer-centric organization.

Our team helps you take advantage of scale and manage petabytes of data easily without worrying about cost and complexity. We help you develop big data frameworks and analytics applications while relieving your data scientists and developers to focus on finding answers your business seeks.

Kickstart your Big Data Analytics Journey within Weeks

6 Weeks6 Weeks

2 Data Source2 Data Source

Fixed Cost 6 Lakhs Fixed Cost 6 Lakhs

3 Reports3 Reports

2 Dashboards2 Dashboards

Harness Big Data

Insights into customer behaviour

Insights into
customer behaviour

Identify new opportunities

Identify new

Detect and prevent frauds

Detect and
prevent frauds

Anticipate customer need

customer need

Innovate products & services

Innovate products
& services

Recommendation engine


Optimize digital

Optimize digital

Big Data & Analytics Services

Umbrella has been working with industry leaders scale to new heights by leveraging Big Data Analytics. Our comprehensive service offerings are built on three pillars covering the entire data journey from aggregation, transformation, analysis, visualization to data governance and management.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

For Absorbing & Transforming Data

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Lake
  • Data Warehouse
  • ETL
  • Data Migration
  • Data Security
BigData & analytic

Big Data/Analytics on Cloud

For Easy Analyses & Decision Making

  • Data Modelling
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Reports
  • Open Source BI
  • Implementation
Data DevOps & Managed Services

DevOps & Managed Services

For stress free management of data

  • Data Governance
  • DevOps Automation
  • Infrastructure Optimization

Data Lake – The Foundation for Digital Transformation

“Implementing Data Lake provided a big boost to our sales and marketing initiatives as data is the backbone of our business and we needed reliable data for impactful campaigns.”

Aparna Sharma, Director Product and Marketing


Data Lake Framework


Trouble Scaling Your Data Warehouse?

Learn how you can migrate to Amazon Redshift for a scalable and cost-effective solution

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Data Analytics Use Cases

We have enabled customers to achieve value and productivity in multiple use cases by aggregating, transforming and analysing large volumes of data from various sources including RDBMS, files, web analytics, social media, logs and various others in batch and real time mode.


Customer 360

Data aggregation and unication of customer interaction touch potints from online interaction and social media to third parties for meeting demand and personalisation

Marketing ROI

Collation eficient usage and mangement of data to run personalised marketing campaigns for improving ROI and accelerating digital campaign spends

Operational Eficiency

Efficient order tracking and management for large logistics and Ecom companies through Big Data solutions that drive customer satisfaction and productivity

Web Analytics

Data measurement, collection, analytics and reporting to enchace user experience and optimisation of web usage leading to improved insights and decision making

IoT Analytics

Leveraging analytics from video, sensor and camera enabled connected events to serve different types of users and for surveillance & safey and marketing

Our Toolkit for Big Data & Analytics

Elastic Search
Elastic Search
Power BI
Power BI

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Success Stories

Read how a prominent airline makes route profitability analysis with Umbrella's Big Data solution.

Read how a prominent airline makes route profitability analysis with Umbrella's Big Data solution.

Financial Services Company

Read how Umbrella's Big Data solution help a leading financial services company improve conversion and Marketing ROI.

Gaming Case Study

Read how a popular gaming company leverages real-time analytics to make faster decisions and improve customer experience.

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