Cloud migration is complex and fraught with challenges. But you can get it right with leadership buy-in, guidance by experts and experienced professionals and measuring it with key performance indicators.

Cloud migration requires expertise about building for scale, automation and agile technologies; architectures which build for failure; knowledge about security best practices; and thorough understanding of existing environment. As AWS Advanced Consulting Partner we begin with an accurate assessment which applications are right fit to migrate, strategies to minimize disruption and methodologies to deliver high performance.

Umbrella’s Cloud Consulting Services designs migration strategies tailored to meet specific objectives of customers. From lift and shift to migration, optimization and automation, we are the trusted advisor and partner of many large customers throughout the Cloud journey.

Cloud Migration Methodology


  • Audit environment
  • Identify applications for migration
  • Risk assessment
  • Assess application usage, configurations, dependencies & scripts


  • Lift and shift
  • Optimize for Cloud
  • Design architecture aligned to business
  • Develop migration plan


  • Plan roadmap: risk, effort, budget
  • Develop architecture
  • Conduct pilot  
  • Schedule migration

Migration & Testing

  • Initiate migration
  • Automate using best practices, standardized processes
  • Remediate, migrate database
  • Document codes & configurations
  • Conduct tests to identify gaps and risks


  • Go live
  • Monitor
  • Optimize for cost, performance, architecture
  • Tag & set alert with custom metrics


  • Analyze, protect & enforce
  • Security automation
  • Map security with compliance

Business Drivers

Operational Costs

Business Agility

Workforce Productivity

Cost Avoidance

Operational Resilience


Appreciation by Clients

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