Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We provide a comprehensive range of AWS Cloud Services, from consulting and strategizing your environment, to technical implementation, and configuration, to 24×7 proactive management and support.

As a premier AWS Consulting Partner, we have invested greatly in the AWS practice. With wide-ranging experience in setting up customer solutions on AWS, we have a strong team of trained and certified specialists to help our customers maximize technology benefits.

Continuous Compliance is a managed service delivered by Umbrella that helps to ensure you meet your compliance, security and control requirements for your workloads running on AWS public clouds.

Continuous Compliance benefits clients with :

  • Continuous monitoring of over IT compliance, corporate governance and regulatory compliance controls, both technical and non-technical
  • A centralized source of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) information for AWS environments
  • Real-time alerting of control failures and recommendations for remediation
  • Continuous synchronization of new AWS services and capabilities with regulatory compliance frameworks
  • Reduced time, cost and complexity of audit preparation
  • Ongoing recommendations for AWS compliance
UIC uses a mature cloud DevOps framework that incorporates configuration management, infrastructure automation, and analytics to build infrastructure that can adapt at the speed of business.

We help our customer achieve the following

  • Infrastructure Automation
    • Your network architecture is arguably the most crucial part of any infrastructure you build. A standard library of well-tested templates in AWS CloudFormation builds secure, self-healing cloud environments with AWS VPCs, security groups, NACLs, databases, and other core elements, including setting up instances in Auto Scaling Groups.
  • Devops Automation
    • We can help you automate code deployment processes, improving deployment velocity and reducing manual effort (and error). Tools utilized could include AWS CodeDeploy, configuration management, Jenkins, 3rd party deployment tools, or containers.
Understanding how crucial your Cloud environment is for your business, UIC provides efficient AWS server management, server maintenance, and server monitoring to support our customers. As a result, our customers experience maximum uptime and get instantaneous help to resolve any likely issues when they arise.

With UIC, you can find the solution to your OS-level issues, standard OS patching, anti-virus scrutiny and purging and continuous monitoring and management of server performance. Our Certified engineers can safely also log into servers with the help of a secure remote tool, identify the problem quickly, and address it remotely.

UIC’s Cloud Watch Monitoring service offers deep-dive application elements monitoring, which includes application servers, database servers, Web transactions, et al. This together with Cloud investigative capabilities allow organizations to examine proactively the fitness and performance of their vital Cloud infrastructure, including the applications hosted on the Cloud.

Our team of specialist continuously checks Amazon EC2 and RDS instances and gives a view of these instances to IT administrators. With help of broad performance metrics, you can ensure that your business-critical applications hosted on the Amazon Cloud are working at optimal intensities. You will also get an all-inclusive picture of your Cloud infrastructure, which in turn helps you with effective capacity planning.

Effective incident management is critical and necessary for any organization. With UIC’s Incident Management and Resolution, you can benefit from in-depth analysis and inquiry in terms of why the incident occurred, implications of the incident and how to avert it from happening again.

UIC offers a set of tools to manage the entire incident lifecycle from AWS monitoring to resolution. The solution provides complete visibility into your AWS infrastructure and sends out alerts and notifications to concerned team members for identifying and taking quick action to eliminate performance bottlenecks.

By taking snapshots, you can regularly form a picture of the volume to use as a baseline for new volumes or for data backup. The new version starts as an exact copy of the original volume that was used to create the snapshot. Using an AWS interface, you can create a replica of a Volume such as Command-line, Amazon AWS console, APIs, and SDKs.

UIC’s policy-based Managed AWS Snapshots allow you to control diverse features for different volumes for imitation.

UIC’s Managed Security Group makes it easy to protect your data with its wide-ranging security strategies, services, and tools that include identifying an Amazon EMR–managed security group. You can write basic Amazon EMR-specific inbound and outbound access rules that assist you in maintaining the various Amazon EMR–managed security clusters. Whether you choose the default security group or your own specified one, Amazon EMR adjusts the security group rules to ensure proper messaging between instances in a cluster.
UIC‘s Amazon Machine Images (AMI) Maintenance Service helps you gain deep insights into applications and infrastructure across your AWS Cloud and on-premise setups. You get the information required to launch an instance, which is a virtual server in the Cloud. You can quickly spell out an AMI when you begin an instance, and start as many instances from the AMI as you need. It also helps you launch instances from as many different AMIs as wanted.
UIC’s Managed Elastic Load Balance (ELB) service is apt for attaining clear visibility and insight into the health and performance of your AWS ELB. You can swiftly analyze traffic trends and spot and troubleshoot application issues.
In today’s world of disruptive technologies and their impact on how customers are engaged, UIC’s Enterprise Architecture services for AWS help you with the crucial direction and application architecture best practices to establish highly scalable and dependable applications in the AWS Cloud.

The design architecture will make you more familiar with the AWS platform, its services, and features. In addition, with architectural guidance from UIC, your organization can easily design and implement systems that operate on the AWS infrastructure. You will be able to stay current, agile, and up to date with your industry changes. In effect, you will be able to keep pace with evolving technology platforms that include social media, big data analytics, mobile technologies, and Cloud to steer business and performance.

The EC2 instances, like any other host on the Internet, are open to attack. Even as the EC2 firewall is a robust tool for securing your instance from undesired network traffic, if configured inaccurately, you may unintentionally leave your instance exposed to attack. Hardening your servers ensure greater server security and protection from hackers. With UIC’s Server Hardening Services, you can harden (secure) your servers connected to the Internet, which enable you to avert numerous potential attacks from hackers.
AWS Disaster Recovery from UIC allows quicker disaster recuperation of your critical IT systems without sustaining the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. UIC can help you with several disaster recovery (DR) designs ranging from “pilot light” environments that are easy to extend within moments to “hot standby” landscapes that facilitate rapid failover.
UIC’s Managed Operating Services (OS) on AWS includes operating system administration, monitoring, and updates. If you go for this service, you can be assured that your local Cloud OS and all other locations will be continually examined and optimized by our team of Cloud specialists.

Our proactive approach to monitoring your OS helps you detect a problem and address the issue quickly. In addition, we work with you to execute updates for your operating systems, software, and applications. Organizations find great relief from issues of time-consuming system administration and maintenance while we work with you to define custom operating procedures for configuration and maintenance

To ensure your AWS Cloud environment runs at its peak performance, UIC’s Troubleshooting and Support Services help you maximize the benefits from your AWS products and features.

We provide centralized tracking of all AWS incidents through our 24×7 Help Desk Support that improves responsiveness while ensuring the company’s Cloud operations are uninterrupted. With UIC Troubleshooting and Support Services, you benefit from flexible pricing with pay-by-the-month contracts. You can choose the support tiers that meet your specific needs.

Customers have gained success in outsourcing their AWS Help Desk functions to UIC, which gives their IT team freedom to work on more strategic, value-driven projects for the business. It also eases companies from the trouble of setting up Help Desk facilities, hiring and training a team of support staff, acquiring and managing Help Desk Software besides other issues.

A more connected market has given rise to more complications in managing the business. The normal approach to application and database services is no longer sufficient as the demands for speed and performance —is now stronger than ever.

UIC’s Managed Application & Database Services for AWS Cloud merges an industrialized, universally integrated practice to assist companies strategically manage their applications and databases to drive their business goals. Our wide range of offering includes monitoring, reporting, administration, and support, besides installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Companies who have used our services have benefited from faster implementation, provisioning and managing backups, and swift incident resolution. Our proactive patch management and support means your team can attend to more critical business initiatives. With UIC’s Application and Database Management, you will see a major reduction in maintenance and operational support cost for mission critical applications by leveraging our database expertise

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