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Top 10 Announcements at Re-Invent 2016

By |December 21st, 2016|AWS|

Keeping up with the tradition at Re-invent, AWS made a series of announcements at Re-Invent, 2016. The spate of announcements sometimes overwhelm the audience. So we list below and explain the most significant announcements for our customers. We have categorized them into New Services, New Features and Price Reductions. NEW SERVICES 1. AWS Shield AWS [...]

Workplace Fun at Umbrella Spills over as Good Customer Care

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The importance of having fun at the workplace cannot be overemphasized. HR teams in all companies are working hard to enable a fun-filled workplace because of the far reaching impacts on employee morale, customer interactions and thereby on the company bottomline. At Umbrella, we believe it is important to engage closely with employees to create [...]